Scott Mann, MP for North Cornwall and a keen recreational angler, has done a fantastic job in securing a three hour back-bench debate on bass in the House of Commons on Thursday 11 February to discuss the motion: “This House believes that the recent EU restrictions on recreational bass fishing are unfair and fail to address the real threat to the future viability of UK bass stocks”.

This is a rare and very important opportunity to influence the future of recreational bass angling by getting our arguments for a sustainable bass fishery heard in detail by key decision-makers. Please write to your MP asap telling them that you want them to attend the debate and that you would like them to give their strong support to our campaign for a bass fishery run to maximise the environmental, social and economic benefits for society as a whole, by giving priority to recreational bass angling.

You can do this by following the link below. Please include in your email the link to the Angling Trust Fishing Lines briefing on bass, so your MP is fully briefed.

A few minutes of your time to send a brief email will help no end.

Copy and paste this link into your email to include the AT Fishing Lines Briefing:


AT Fishing Lines Briefing

Many thanks

The Bass Blog Team


The greater the opportunities to catch bass like this; the better it is for both anglers and the economy

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  1. I have been a sea fisherman since I could hold a rod in my hand and fished from the shores around Portsmouth and Langstone harbour as I grew up. as I got older and eventually married, Sea fishing suddenly became more primal for me, I was now the hunter / gatherer for the family and I still see myself as this today. Over the years, I have had a few good fish, nothing spectacular, certainly not enough to feed my family alone, but if I had something for the table on my return, there was a huge feeling of satisfaction, I have provided food ! Now that my children are grown up and fled the nest, there is just my wife to provide for and I am disgusted by these new regulations on catch and release Bass. Last year, I caught 7 bass worthy of a good meal, between 2 1/2 lb. and 4 lb. and my wife ate every single morsel of meat from those fish. I also caught many others up to 8 lb., but those fish were released. Each fish was caught on a lure and documented with measurements and photographs. I actually take the carcasses back to the shore and put them back in the sea, throwing them in the bin does not feel right for this majestic fish. A week ago, we went to a very nice restaurant where my wife decided to have the sea Bass fillet. I warned her that she may be disappointed, and true enough, it looked like it would have weighed 1/2 lb. when it last swam ! Last night, on my way home from work, I stopped at the top end of Langstone Harbour, just to see if there is any activity yet, and I was not surprised to see a trawler at work. Please don’t tell me these people are not targeting Bass, I have seen the Oyster boats, and it was not one of them. I also watched the BBC documentary about the Chinese going out in little boats at night to net for Bass at Eastney. All of these fish were massively undersize and to have photographic evidence of this is criminal if nothing is done to stop it. They are breaking every single maritime rule at the same time, no navigation lights, life preservers, our own Lifeboat crews would have to risk their own lives for these selfish people. Please, please, please, turn the attention to this and do something about it, I can honestly say that I have been catching Bass, year on year and could not say to you that I have seen the numbers depleting, recreational anglers are not there for profit, we do it because we love it, we do it with care and we do it with respect. I have spoken with a few anglers this year and it seems like the government have done us wrong, every person I spoke with had the same response, if you stop the Chinese at Eastney and the trawlers, I will put my wife’s dinner back in the sea.

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