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MPs Support Angling . . .

Recreational sea angling brings £1 billion into the UK economy and supports many of the 37,000 jobs that angling creates in this country – these were just two of the references made by MPs to the Angling Trust’s briefing paper during the Fisheries Debate in the House of Commons on November 15th. The debate was dominated by the upcoming reform of the EU Common Fisheries Policy. Referring to the opportunity that this gives to restore our depleted marine fish stocks. Charles Walker MP, chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Angling said, “[Sea anglers’] interests cannot be separated from this debate, because they did not create the problem but they are now living with it. So this debate goes beyond our commercial fishermen and stretches into almost every community in this country, because the hundreds of thousands of people who enjoy our coastline live in every community in this country.” Click HERE for a copy of the Angling Trust’s briefing paper which was sent to 120 MPs before the debate.