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NFSA press release

New company will promote sea angling

The National Federation of Sea Anglers (NFSA) is to streamline its management
and decision-making process by becoming a limited company

Subject to legal consents it will become the National Federation of Sea
Anglers Limited from January 1 next, with a board of up to ten directors as the
executive body.

The standing committee will continue to represent members and clubs in the
NFSA’s 13 divisions, as an implementation and consultative body to the board.

The change has been approved by the existing standing committee following
endorsement at the annual meeting in May this year. Details were discussed at
length before and since then and there has been agreement at all stages.

“The change was essential to improve our decision-making and to get on with
the development of our sport which is already worth £1 billion a year to the
national economy,” said Richard Ferré chairman of the federation.

“The world of sea angling is increasingly complex. We are involved today
with central and local government and international competitions on a scale
unthought of a few years ago.”

The move was also recommended by Sport England which provides the NFSA with
some grant aid for agreed development projects.

Full details including the rules (only slightly changed from the current
ones) and the company’s articles of association were circulated to all divisions
on August 30, for consultation with members and clubs.

The directors will be the chairman, chief executive (currently the
development officer) and treasurer of the NFSA, four appointed by the standing committee from its own members, and up to three more appointed by the board to ensure all areas of work are represented at board level.

At least two directors appointed by the standing committee must be present at
all board meetings.

The directors will liaise and consult with all committees and sub committees
and on major issues with the membership, before making decisions.