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Operation Sea Angler – The Second Wave

The original tome Operation Sea Angler was groundbreaking in it’s approach and made it to many anglers bookshelves . . . the fact that there is a new, updated version, about to hit the shelves deserves to be highlighted . . .

Operation Sea Angler - The Second Wave
Operation Sea Angler – The Second Wave
Operation Sea Angler
The Second Wave
Tactics for Successful Saltwater Fishing
By Mike Ladle & Steve Pitts

Modern methods of fishing aren’t just for those in the know – they can work for everyone. Knowing why fish behave as they do is the key to using the right techniques and catching more and larger fish. In this book, Mike Ladle and Steve Pitts reveal the inside story on what’s going on under the water, answering questions such as:

  • Why do fish bite at the change of light? 
  • Where are the largest fish going to be at certain times of the year? 
  • What are their favourite foods? 

Using scientific studies and their lifelong experience, Mike and Steve have packed this book with brand new information on more than 20 species of fish. Theories are put to the test, and are illustrated with entertaining descriptions of successful and enlightening fishing trips, bringing the facts to life and showing how they can be turned into practical tactics for all sea anglers to employ. This book will revolutionise your techniques and catches. 

Mike Ladle is a leader in the field of marine ecology and fish behaviour. He has contributed to numerous radio and television programmes on angling and river life, and writes regularly for Sea Angler and other publications including Angler’s Mail and The Field

Steve Pitts is also a lifelong angler, conservationist, filmmaker and journalist.

If you pre-order, via Veals Mail Order, you can obtain a limited signed editionOperation Sea Angler – The Second Wave