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Our Bass Stocks Need Your Help.

In the next few weeks, the EU Fisheries Ministers will vote on increasing the Minimum Landing Size to 42cm and setting monthly vessel catch limits. These proposals are only expected to cut Sea Bass landings by 20% – 30%, That’s not even close to the 80% recommended by the EUs own scientists. Once again we call on all of you who share our concerns to help provide a future for our Bass stocks.

We have now launched a fresh petition calling on the EU fisheries ministers to implement the EU’s own proposals on bass in full. Please sign it and share it far and wide. It is vital we put further pressure on the politicians to do the right things to protect our bass

Step one please sign this petition

Step Two please share the petition  or endeavour to get at least one friend to sign and share it  – All effort is greatly appreciated.

How many meetings and how many ministers does it take to get the necessary recommendations approved? It almost feels at times that the latest proposal is just another part of an everlasting debate. It shouldn’t however come as any surprise that various strategies to implement the stock preservation would not come easy, as change is often hard to achieve.

The more we push though, the more we are likely to achieve the change needed to prevent our bass stocks from collapsing.