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Pair Trawling Ban

BASS are delighted that the Minister for Nature Conservation & Fisheries, Ben Bradshaw MP – has announced a ban on pair trawling for bass within the UK’s 12 mile limit, and would like to congratulate him on his determination to bring about an EU – wide ban on this destructive fishing method. This fishery has decimated nature bass stocks and has been directly attributed to wide scale dolphin and porpoise by-catch.

BASS has been pressing Defra (formerly MAFF) to bring a halt to this fishery since 1997 and has been instrumental in bringing the plight of spawning bass and cetaceans to MP’s, the public and their fellow anglers. Hear a few comments from BASS members, on hearing this news:

“Tony Blair…has just secured my (postal) vote for the next election. It just shows that pressure can eventually produce action. Great news for bass and dolphins alike.”

“That’s great news, but I fear this places Guernsey’s waters under greater pressure as the French will still be able to pair trawl spawning grounds for channel bass.”

“This is great news….just wish they were going more than 12 miles offshore!”

“….as a BASS member I was delighted at the news yesterday when the Minister made the pledge in Brighton”

“This is brilliant news! Let’s hope they rigourously enforce it. Thanks must also go to all the members of BASS. Restoration Project and all the BASS Committee for their endevours in this connection. Well done.”

“Excellent news. Let’s hope this will be enforced and be a springboard for a raising in the MLS, introduction of a 2 fish limit, an inshore gill netting ban, and more and bigger bass for the angler so we don’t all have to keep going back over to Ireland every year for our fishing.”

“Thanks for the update, this information has made my day!”

BASS would like to thank and congratulate all it’s partners in this campaign, especially those organisations and individuals who directly sponsor the BASS Restoration Project. Additionally, we would like to mention the following supporters in our praise:

The Sea Anglers Conservation Network (SACN) – Burham Boat Owners and SAA – National Federation of Sea Anglers – Brixham Sea Watch – Bristol Channel Federation of Sea Anglers(BCFSA) – Don Metcalfe – Conservation Officer BCFSA – The Wildlife Trusts – Lindey Hingley – South West Lib Dems – James Main – Dave Saunders, skipper of Kelly’s Hero – Greenpeace – Graham Watson MEP – Brian Cotter MP – Dr. Nick Treganza and his team – Marine Conservation Society – Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society – Ms. Candy Atherton MP – Andrew George MP – James Gray MP – David Kidney MP – Adrian Sanders MP – Alan Simpson MP – Michael Jack MP – Matthew Taylor MP – Ms Linda Gilroy MP – David Drew MP – Roger Williams MP

…and the many other individuals and organisations who have petitioned and lobbied on behalf of bass and dolphins.