A succession of poor spawning years and increased fishing pressure has led to a steep decline in the bass spawning stock.

The seriousness of the situation has at last been recognised by EU Fisheries after their scientific advisory board this year stated there needs to be an 80% reduction in bass landing. Plans are  being discussed to achieve this through measures such as reducing fishing effort, protecting the fish during spawning and allowing more juvenile fish to reach spawning size.

But Europe is dragging its heels and arguing over quotas and the different ways to achieve a reduction (and no doubt whether they really need a full 80% reduction), while the fishing pressure continues unabated.

There are things we can do to increase the pressure on our Fisheries Minister to act and signing this petition is one small thing to help build the pressure. So PLEASE take a minute to do this.


Thank you

(The total who have signed has already hit near 500 in the 20 hours since it was launched!)

  1. Save are bass!!!

  2. the reason why the e u is dragging it’s feet is the French, they want a tac on the bass as it’s their commercial and rsa who have the largest landing figures, nothing any management imposed on the u k commercial or rsa will have the desired effect. What the above does not tell you is the u k did not have any snow this year. One ifca guy very close to TAT the angling trust, even posted the result of a survey in the solent just weeks ago and the net was jammed with ‘o’ class bass, so get off any idea that restricting the u k commercials, it’s a fallacy. Nature will replenish, restrictions will not. Observe the Irish model imposed for 15 years, no commercial take, it’s not enough as they are looking for even more rsa restrictions. The legislation is not targeted nor fit for purpose, bass and TAT need to look elsewhere to be effective.

  3. The spreading of misinformation has begun it seems!

    Blame the French, ignore the impact of sub-zero temperatures on small bass (it doesn’t have to snow to be cold) and claim it will all take care of itself without any
    need to change anything – well that’s worked well to date.

    The word I heard on the juvenile bass netting studies was there was a normal level if recruitment this year.
    It only looks like a bumper year if you compare it to the previous 5 because they were disastrous due to the successive cold winters.
    I guess plenty more misinformation will be put out there in the next few months.

  4. Hi Barry. I admire your optimism that ‘nature will replenish’.
    This may have been true in the past but without a reduction in the man-made fishing pressure on bass juveniles (those currently above the 36cm MLS but below the size of maturity) and a decade or more of industrial fishing on the breeding stocks over-winter it must be time to ease off the fishing pressure on bass to give nature a hand.

    Cold winters have reduced bass recruitment – fact
    Catching bass before they have spawned is nonsense
    Catching bass when they congregate before spawning is environmental lunacy

    We can do nothing about the first but we can alter our actions regarding the other two – if we wake up and have the balls to admit we’ve been taking too many bass out of the sea.

  5. Congratulations on your initiative. I loved it. As a see angler from an European country (Portugal) I would love to sign a petition at European level. This is not only an UK issue. 15 years ago very often we could land 6 lb bass or more. In the past 4 years I’ve landed a single one of this size.

  6. What restrictions does BASS suggest to cut the angling take of bass by 80%?

  7. I hope this makes a difference.

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