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Plenty large bass

In a few years time this could be the sort of headline you will read on the BASS web site, PROVIDED THAT, the efforts to implement the proposals outlined in the Bass Management Plan have been achieved.

A ‘consultation’ by Defra and the Welsh Assembly Government concerning the first phase of the bass management plan – the proposal to increase the minimum landing size (mls) of bass, together with an appropriate increase in licensed commercial net mesh size – is currently underway.

Have you sent in your response yet?

Please do not miss this rare opportunity to partake in the management of the UK inshore fishery, helping to ensure that the seas around our shores will enjoy a sustainable bass fishery for you and future generations to come.

The closing date for responses to the Defra consultation is 8 february 2006 and for responses to the Welsh Assembly Government, the closing date is, 14 febraury 2006.

If you require any help concerning your response please visit the how you can help or read the post on the BASS web site homepage.

Please tell your sea angling friends about the consultation, as it is vitally important, that as many sea anglers as possible submit a response.