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Lure Boxes



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It’s OK untangling a box full of lures at home, but when bass are on the bite, you need lure changes to be slick & trouble free (I tried lure bonnets… but always ended up dropping/losing them). Using individual lure boxes makes changing lures quicker & hassle free. Take the top off the box, the eye of the lure is there ready to accept your loop or clip. Before going fishing, consider the ground over which you will be plugging and sort out the lures you are going to use. Put them in the individual storage boxes. Five diving and five surface lures will cover most eventualities. Find out more

Due to the recent increase in postage rates and postal bands by Royal Mail, selling the BASS Lure boxes in packs of three is not economical for BASS; nor is it a good buy for you, the customer. We have decided that the best way forward is to offer a number of ‘pack’ options. The basic tenet is that the larger quantity of boxes you order the better the deal you get.

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4 boxes, 6 boxes, 8 boxes, 10 boxes, 12 boxes