The European Union’s own scientist state we need an 80% reduction in bass landings to prevent imminent stock collapse, yet early French statistics for the year to date show bass catches are down only 14% ! The temporary suspension of “pair trawling” announced in January was a start, but this was meant to reduce landings by 25% for the whole year. Given the ban is supposed to bring about this annual overall effect through only being  in place from the New Year to the end of April, we should actually have been seeing around a three-quarters drop in catches right now. We reliably here the “pair trawlers” have been stoped, therefore it seems other forms of commercial bass fishing have increased. Given this, only a total ban on bass landings in this period it seems will effectively protect our pre-spawning bass shoals in the future.

The truth is that the ban on pair trawling is actually supposed to be just one of many measures to reduce bass catches, yet still it remains the only (and TEMPOARY) measure on commercial bass fishing announced to date. The noises coming from the EU meeting rooms suggest certain parties are seeking to block or delay measures. Clearly some don’t care about our bass, just their short term profits or political gains.

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No doubt you are as incensed about all this as we are on the BASS blog team! Yet if we take a breath and consider the bigger picture, it is nowhere the time to use our rods as beanpoles and to take up golf instead. Discussions on reducing bass landings remain very much ongoing and what is more the majority of those involved in the process have heard our message and are on our side. So we ask you (again!) to direct your frustration towards the relevant EU and UK politicians and decision makers and (politely) express your feelings. Tell them of your anger that the measures to date (although a start) are wholly insufficient and that bass landings are barely reducing at a time our scientists state we must have an 80% reduction to prevent a catastrophic stock collapse. In a nutshell, demand the politicians and fisheries managers do more, soon.

We have said it here before: every single email helps to keep up the pressure. The greater the pressure, the greater the political will to move further towards the full 80% recommended bass landing reduction – though you can’t help but fear if truly meaningful changes doesn’t happen in fairly soon any measures will amount to an 80% reduction of nothing!

Those we urge you to urgently express your thoughts: (George Eustice – Fisheries Mininster); (Director EU Maritime Affairs and Fisheries): (European Commissioner Maritime Affairs & Fisheries);

Your own MPs and MEPs – find them here

Plus various other relevant EU politiians and fisheries managers…

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Our ongoing thanks to you!

The Bass Blog Team


Market sales bass landing data =
1/1/14 – 15/3/14 = 1352.7 Tonnes
1/1/15 -14/3/15 = 1165.4 Tonnes ( = 13.8% deduction)


  1. Without meaning to sound like I am not prepared to carry my own weight, I honestly believe that if you really want as many people to “put pen to paper / finger tips to keyboard” and contact their relevant politicians, then you would do very well to begin a petition on one of the many petition websites.
    Get your own powers that be and “professional” letter writers to put a pre-written message there with the appropriate links and then ask your members, friends, tackle shops, neighbours and anyone else you can think of to put their name to it and simply hit the transmit button.
    Why? Because the average British angler would seem to be to be prepared to put their efforts into griping about things, but can rarely be bothered to lift a finger to do anything about those problems at hand.
    As it is, it has taken me a while (about 20 mins) to write and the edit / spell check this message. Being dyslexic makes it “fun”, shall we say, and not all of us can express what we mean to say with very much strength and power without resorting to swear words. And God knows I am one of the worlds worst for such things!
    So, I would say to get your best minds and writers to compose a petition letter for people to either copy and paste to their own MP’s etc or simply click the appropriate buttons through one of these petition websites. Through facebook alone I must have signed 50 petitions for friends and relatives as favours, even though I didn’t really give a monkeys about the petition in question. What’s more, I flatly refuse to believe that I was the only person to do so too! So if we can get the anglers AND a fair proportion of those who “don’t really care about the cause, but will sign it as a favour” for us all then the volume of individual names hitting the email screens of the politicians and fisheries people concerned will be massive!

    So, my thoughts are that if you want to get people writing in to whoever, then you really have to make it as easy as possible for them to do it and the sooner you do so, the quicker and greater the responses are going to be.

    Good luck, Andy.

  2. It would seem I am a little late with my comment earlier. I found a petition on a friends page, on facebook. That said, I would still urge you to complete one on behalf of BASS. The more voices from more organizations, the more the powers which be will hopefully begin to listen to their message(s)

    A simple example…

  3. Thanks for your enthusiastic input and relevant suggestions Andy. As you seem to have already discovered there is already many pervious related posts on the BASS blog. Signing the petition helps; emailing relevant identified people really makes a difference!

  4. I pasted all these email address’s into one email , pasted the hyperlink to this blog. Added 100 words to it, clicked send , job done . This took 5 mins at the most. We don’t need long letters with perfect vocabluary . I doubt these people read every word . What we need is jammed mailboxes full of short emails that get a simple message accross .

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