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Rigs . . . for rough ground

A topic dear to many an anglers heart this one . . . and not surprisingly this thread ran for quite some time. Amazing the lengths some people will go to in order to test theories: from dragging rigs around the lounge (bet that was popular with the wife!) to the more realistic fishing in shallow water and having a mate to observe what happens when simulating a ‘strike’.

Paternoster, running ledger, pulley rigs were all discussed . . . including the best bits of rig making equipment to use and various opinions on the best length for the snoods. The topic then drifted over to leads and anti-snag leads (and alternatives) and then onto the best hooks to use; concensus seems that then new chemically sharped hooks aren’t really the best thing to use on rough ground. The points ‘turn over’ too easily; better to stick to the ever reliable 79515’s and test and sharpen as and when necessary.


2oz leads normal and flattened & 'pebble' alternative



Utilising 'holes' in pebble for link to mainline.