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Slice and stick your plastics . . . !

An interesting topic popped up last month but, with one thing and another, I hadn’t got around to adding a mention here.

It entailed Steve Pitts detailing the technique ‘spawned’, as he puts it, by Mike Ladle, of slicing different soft plastics and then joining different halves in order to get the best ‘bits’ (as in properties) of both lures.

For instance the texposer weedless rigged Slug-Go’s will fish through almost any forest of wrack and kelp without snagging, and when the sea is choked with floating weed debris they rarely foul up, and therefore can be fished slowly to give bass, pollack and wrasse a good chance of seeing the lure in filthy water. BUT, their action can be improved by removing part of the rear section and then ‘glueing’ a section off a different plastic. The hybrid lure then has properties from both lures . . .  weedless from the texposer rigged Slug-Go’s but with the much more pronounced action provided by the rear of the other.

Hybrid plastic . . .

Steve has since written the article up and it appears in the most recent edition of the BASS Mag (BM141).

Mike Ladle comments himself about the technique in the Tackle and Tactics section of his website under: Soft bait tactics