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Spring Run Bass

Some reports of impressive fish from BASS members recently. Some areas have been firing, whilst other areas are lagging behind. Some intrepid BASS anglers have their sights set a tad further afield though, with the annual pilgrimage to a very special migratory event. The Striped Bass (Stripers) are working their way along the East Coast of the USA right now, with a healthy dose of Bluefish in the mix also. BASS members have been making the trip to coincide with this migration for many years, & this year is no exception.

Right now gear is being prepared, checked, double-checked, travel plans confirmed, & fishing reports from across the pond scoured.

Ian with a 32lb Striper
Our Chairman: Ian with a 32lb Striper caught on a surface lure !!

The USA Striped Bass fishery is a huge natural event, and is a big money draw for the region. Fishing and hunting are engrained into the culture of the area, and the sheer numbers of recreational anglers, are able to bring to bear significant political pressure to try & maintain a healthy and well managed fishery. There are concerns over there about the biomass, and huge debates as to the state of the stocks. The simple fact though is that the stocks are in infinitely more healthy condition than the European Bass stocks, and hence the attraction of heading over there …. that & the genuine possibility of hooking into a monster Bass !!

A large Striper landed with the aid of a Van Stall reelAgain, for your reading pleasure only, a member of the BASS Blogging team is making the trip … just to keep you informed. If we’ve got the timing right, you could be seeing some catch reports very soon. We’ll also try to give you an insight into the culture of the fishery over there, and the gear used. Stay tuned !!!