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Stakeholders in the BASS restoration project

The organisations and businesses who have identified themselves as stakeholders in the BASS restoration project have done so because they believe that the future of bass angling in particular, and recreational sea angling in general, is under very great threat.

These stakeholders believe that this threat comes from the gross, unsustainable overexploitation of bass and other sea fish.

The stakeholders are also aware that the viability of their own business, or the success of their organisational aims, is significantly linked to a buoyant recreational angling sector.

Our aim now is to widen the scope of the stakeholder initiative to encompass all of the other businesses like coastal tourism, charter boat operators, boat builders, marine electronics suppliers, outboard engine manufacturers, specialist clothing and safety equipment manufacturers and the many angling clubs and representative organizations that are all stakeholders in the future of recreational sea angling.

List of BASS stakeholders

If anyone out there has any suggestions to add, please email John Morgan: John Morgan

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