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Bass Anglers March In Cornwall, But The Minister Has Left Town

150 anglers gathered in Camborne today to protest against the changes in bass regulations introduced this year. We weren’t protesting against change: we were protesting about the lack of change for our bass AND the utterly unfair balance of the changes made (for details why we are so livid look here: Cornish Bass Protest ) It […]

Sea anglers demand more bass protection . . .

Sea anglers in Cornwall are calling for urgent action to preserve fish stocks (Radio Cornwall also carried the story but but inevitably, many key points were edited out through lack of time. The first broadcast runs from 1:05 to 1:12.30  and the second from  2:05 to 2:15.20 into the programme. Radio Cornwall – as of today there are four days left […]

Cornish Federation raise Minimum Qualifying Weight

News is that the Cornish Federation of Sea Anglers have quietly increased their minimum qualifying weight for bass in shore or boat competitions to 3 pounds – for those who prefer to measure their bass in length, this equates to about 51cm (BASS Tape Measure). Standalone changes like this may seem insignificant, yet a growing […]