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Minister replies to AIFCA

Richard Benyon has replied to Dr Stephen Bolt (CEO of the Association of Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authorities). The original letter from Dr. Bolt can be read here: AIFCA letter . . . As with any response from a Government Minister there is nothing given away and lots of ‘get out’ avenues: evaluate, sustainability, assess, EU implications. […]

Let Our Bass Breed

Last week representatives from the Bass Anglers Sportfishing Society joined MPs from the All Party Parliamentary Angling Group in an Angling Trust organised delegation to Fisheries Minister Richard Benyon to press the case for sustainable size limits for bass in order to allow the fish to breed at least once and for stocks to replenish. […]

BASS meets Defra

Following a meeting between BASS and Defra in June 2011 information provided during and after that meeting by Defra/Cefas, including BASS’s response, is now available. Read the full post in our Conservation section

BASS response to Cefas data

BASS met with Defra in June 2011. Data produced by Cefas on bass catches/landings in England and Wales and provided by Defra during and after that meeting is now available. Download the original document: Cefas bass discards data v2 (Age compositions and discarding of bass in the uk commercial fisheries) Download the BASS response: BASS response to […]

European Bass Stocks Under Threat

Decline Alarms Anglers UK anglers will soon start to see a disastrous decline in both the number and size of bass available in the important and valuable Recreational Fishery. That is the conclusion from studies that show an alarming reduction in the number of juvenile fish coming into Southern nursery areas indicating a collapse in […]