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ICES Advice on bass (June 2014)

Excerpts below taken from the ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea) publication dated June 2014: ECOREGION STOCK – Celtic Sea and West of Scotland + North Sea European sea bass in Divisions IVbc, VIIa, and VIId–h (Irish Sea, Celtic Sea, English Channel, and southern North Sea) Strong year classes in 1989 and some subsequent years […]

EU STECF meeting . . . BASS comment!

STECF stands for: Scientific, Technical and ECONOMIC Committee for Fisheries. We find it both inexplicable, yet so predictable, that the Terms of Reference for the Plenary, avoids looking at the economics of the various sea bass fisheries. One can’t help but ponder whether the apparent exclusion of ECONOMICS, is quite simply, a fear that their findings (if Economics […]