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Commercial Fishermen seek Government Handouts . . .

For those who haven’t heard, commercial fisheries leaders are copying the farmers and seeking Government handouts for storm damage and loss of earnings. See links below for details. Are they really, genuinely, after more tax payer’s money? Certainly, but the real purpose is to take advantage (as they always do) of the opportunity provided by […]

Sea Angling 2012 – Final Report

Sea Angling 2012 was established to find out how many people go sea angling in England, how much they catch, how much is released, and the economic and social value of sea angling. This was to help local and national policy makers make balanced, well-informed decisions on sustainable development of all forms of sea fishing, […]

The stealth tax that says to hell with North Sea cod stocks . . .

Through the government body Seafish, the public is paying lobbyists to torpedo a campaign to protect the natural world, writes George Monbiot in his Blog for The Guardian. “It’s a stealth tax about which the government has kept very quiet. When you hear the details, you will know why. I doubt whether one in a […]