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Captured by the camera

The first run of bass on my local patch is dependent upon both water temperature and clarity. This early run, with breeding very much on their minds, can be the most colourful of the season. As spring turns to summer the fish will take on a colour reflective of where they have been spending their […]

How bad does it have to get . . .

before the powers that be pull their heads out of the sand and act . . .   Latest bass advice from the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea     Fishing Mortality is increasing Total biomass was 32% lower than in the previous three years. If the reduction in recruitment observed up to […]

Angling Trust – Bass Trawling in the Western Approaches

From the Angling Trust Sea Update: Fish Legal is looking into a possible campaign or legal case against commercial overfishing for bass in the Western Approaches. We are very concerned by the on-going effects of pelagic and pair trawling which targets large groups of bass from different areas coming together in order to feed before […]