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Assume they are there

A lure angler finds some 'bassy' conditions !

Bass fishing can fill the mind with doubt some days. Are the fish even there ? It’s a migratory species, highly mobile, shoaling, a creature of habit, but not entirely predictable. The seasons, the weather, water temperature, food source, length of day, moon phase, tide state … all these factors influence these majestic fish, and […]

Thoughts and plans …

A Blog post on Henry Gilbey’s popular site recently stirred some thoughts that have been lingering for a while. The particular phrase that got the juices flowing was this …. I also am becoming more and more convinced that visiting anglers who come to Ireland on the hunt for bass especially need to start thinking […]

Walking the dog …

The techniques below are a few ideas to try.. Most modern lures can be fished in a large number of ways, below is just a few suggestions. Get out and experiment and learn what your lures can do….. Following a cast, when the lure lands, leave it completely still for up to twenty seconds. You […]