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The campaign for our bass: much achieved but far more needed

In the past 12 months we have achieved more meaningful protection measures for our bass than in all the previous 15 years combined. It’s a great start, yet the measures introduced to date are nowhere near enough to halt the decline in the bass stocks.

Saveourseabass (See the SOS page here: ) have now produced a fantastic summary of the campaign to date.

Their document:

• Details the measures introduced by the European Union to date

• Explains how there is a huge undercounting in commercial bass landings meaning the over exploitation of the stocks is even greater than officially acknowledged.

• Suggests further measures that would be sufficient to reverse the decline in our bass stocks.

All of us who care about our bass angling and want to try and ensure we have fish to catch in the years to come really should read this SOS document AND find a few minutes to act on their recommendations.

Yes, again we are being asked to send emails – but it’s been these targeted messages to the decision makers that have been such a big factor in the progress made this year!

Thanks for your ongoing support and bass wishes for the rest of your bass fishing season.