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The Devil is in the detail?

Each year BASS gives a few awards for the biggest bass caught on bait, lure and fly from shore and from boat. And although I never get a sense anyone obsesses about catching the biggest fish just to outcompete their fellow members, I am sure, like me, many harbour a desire to win one as to do so means you have caught a bass of the size most of us dream about.

Well if this year you want to be awarded the premier prize – the one for the heaviest bass – you will now have to go some, as the member who last year won it with a lure caught fish of 14 pounds 2 ounces, has just landed a bass of 15 pound 2 ounces.

Some suggest the reason the angler in question catches so many double figure bass could be due to karma for all the good work he does for BASS. While a few of darker leanings suspect a pact made with the Satan in a secret cove at the depths of the night. Though I guess it could just be purely due to good angling, as Clive seems to pay very close attention to past events, current conditions and to every fine detail of his methods.

clive666 15.2 (mod)

.Clive Hodges and his recent livebait caught 15 pound 2 ounce fish

So depending on which reason you think accounts for his fantastic successes, should you ever meet Clive either study all aspects of how and when he fishes, or alternatively never look him directly in the eye and at all costs avoid invitations to fish with him at night under a full moon – Unless of course you feel a bass 5 pounds beyond the mark most consider to be the measure of a monster is a worthwhile trade for your soul! And as for those who believe his role as Treasurer for BASS comes with karmic benefits, I did hear a whisper that after 4 years as BASS Treasurer, Clive is actively looking to hand over the role… it could just be a preferable route to achieving your fishing dreams than one costing an eternity in hell.

Blogger: Matt Spence