How A Flat Car Battery Changed Our Bass Fishing

It seems a sibling theme is developing in the presentations at the BASS AGM, as following the White brothers last year, this year we had the Hodges brothers. Although somewhat less amphiboius than the Whites, Clive and Kim are no less successful, given their catches of notable livebait and lure caught bass in recent years.

In episode 1 (of 5) they explain their fishing background and how they have developed their bass angling over many years to catch 43 double-figure bass between them.

Part 1 includes:

• Greenheart rods and wooden centre pins ~ ‘I mis-cast my first cast – about ten minutes later I caught my first bass over 1lb’
• Examinations of stomach contents and Bognor pier days ~ ‘1962 was the year I was banned’
‘They very kindly sent me to Uganda’ ~ so Kim sneaked £100 into his bank account that his wife didn’t know about and bought himself a dinghy
‘It’s taken a long time to crack this business of where the hell are these big bass?’
‘I was 22 years old and it was 11 – 3 I think and I sat all night looking at it’

Filmed by: Dave Burditt
Edited by: Steve Pitts

  1. Even better than I remember from the AGM! Looking forward to part 2.

  2. I wasn’t able to make the AGM this year so it was great to be able to edit Kim and Clive’s talk.

    Nothing is edited out either so over the 5 episodes you get to see and hear all of their secrets ………. well nearly all 🙂

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