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The Timing IS Right!

In both comedy and fishing timing is everything (apparently). The same can also be said in political campaigning. Well this Wednesday (3rd December) there is a House of Commons debate on “Management of UK Sea Bass Stocks.” So the timing of todays independent report suggesting bass caught by amateurs (recreational angling) are worth 3 times as much to the economy compared to those caught by professionals (commercial fishing) seems spot on!

Read the report here:

The report has already been picked up by the press having been covered by the Sunday Times and the Western Morning News:

Yet as we have found out in the past, weight of scientific and economic evidence alone isn’t enough to change policy; we need the voices of ALL of us who want more and bigger bass behind this campaign. So the timing is also perfect in the next 24 hours to give 10 minutes of your time to briefly email the Fisheries Minister. Just ask him if he knows about the report and ask him to support the case for bass being managed for the benefit of recreational fishing. Email him at and mark it for the attention of George Eustice ( sending a copy or a link to the report to your MP would be great too).

I know I’ve often said this before, but doing this really could help improve our bass stocks and the quality of our bass fishing in the future.

11 pounds of pure happiness
11 pounds of pure happiness!

Blogger: Matt Spence