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The White Stuff – Part 10

Bass member Paul Jennings (also known as PJ ) went in persuit of wrasse on soft plastics on the South Coast at the weekend. The sea was calm at last but the water remained very coloured

10 pounds and 4 ounces
10 pounds and 4 ounces

He failed in his quest, but did manage this bycatch!

The picture on his mobile lacks quality: the bass does not. He told me it would be easy to spot him at the BASS AGM in 2 weeks time as he would be the one grinning from ear to ear.




The White Stuff

Episode 10 – Floating the bucktail

In the penultimate episode Kevin and Keith explain how that learned how to defy gravity and make lead-headed lures ‘float’. It was an expensive and stressful learning curve.

* Tie them sparse so they just flooooat through the water column – Bump – snag!
* Q. Kevin – How many bucktails have you got left?
* A. I lost my last one half an hour ago
* Now we’ve learned to ‘float’ the bucktail we do the same with the needlefish lures -we’re using them up to an ounce and a half and casting 120 metres.
* With the wind coming at you we can get 70 yards into the wind – you can’t do that with Dou Tide Minnow
* They cast like an inter-continental ballistic missile
* We’ll cast out and hold our rod right up here and as the lure reaches the fast part of the water we’ll lower to rod (to maintain the slack line)
* The colder water gets the more something will want to float