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The White Stuff – Part 3

Back in November we announced that anyone signed up to receive our newsletter would be in with a chance of winning the “Bass and B.A.S.S.” book. Registering for this sevice will keep you informed of important happenings regarding our efforts to get better protection for our bass – but if want a chance to win one of the 3 books however, you need to do sign up by the end of January.

All you have to register is visit here and follow the instructions on signing up for the newsletter on the right hand side of the page. Remember you don’t have to be a BASS member either to receive the newsletter or to win a book…. Also don’t forget there are also 2 further books for the best feedback to BASS blog posts received between November and March.

Below is the third installment of “The White Stuff” videos. In this clip Kevin and Keith discuss how light and colour effects the visibility of lures. Quotes from it include:

• When you switch the lights off – colour – you can’t see it
• Our favourite three colours all look the same in the dark
• Does that make sense? – Because it didn’t make sense to us
• Colour comes way, way way, way down the list
• There is no difference between this piece of wood and a dead mackerel