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The White Stuff Part 6: Some of this stuff is gonna sound crazy!

In this episode Kevin and Keith explain why LESS is definitely MORE. Their words of wisdom include:

Do yourself a favour – turn your lure upside down;
It’s the tiny little details that make the difference;
It’s not just about the lure falling through the water, it’s the way it falls through the water;
Smelt – they just drift around in the current doing nothing;
Small pollock hang nose down – they don’t do anything though;
It’s crazy – The less we do the more fish we’re catching and the bigger they’re getting;
It’s not complicated. I’ve got a stick that does nothing. I cast out up-current or across and all I do is pick up and wind in the slack – I follow it around and I do nothing – then my rod gets ripped out of my arm;
Some of the times it’s – If I take this photograph I WILL die;