In this episode Kevin and Keith explain why LESS is definitely MORE. Their words of wisdom include:

Do yourself a favour – turn your lure upside down;
It’s the tiny little details that make the difference;
It’s not just about the lure falling through the water, it’s the way it falls through the water;
Smelt – they just drift around in the current doing nothing;
Small pollock hang nose down – they don’t do anything though;
It’s crazy – The less we do the more fish we’re catching and the bigger they’re getting;
It’s not complicated. I’ve got a stick that does nothing. I cast out up-current or across and all I do is pick up and wind in the slack – I follow it around and I do nothing – then my rod gets ripped out of my arm;
Some of the times it’s – If I take this photograph I WILL die;

  1. No matter what anyone says or does someone will always disagree with you. For me these set of videos are brilliant. I have take a hell of alot from them. Just want to say thanks for the time to put them up. Keep up the good work. Definitely lots for me to try and add to how I fish.

  2. Amazing learnt more about how i have managed to catch and not catch in the last few weeks watching your presentations than in years of fishing. you have uncomplicated the complicated. Have noticed Bass chasing plugs overtaking them and smashing them but could i think i might catch more if i give them time to suck a bait in? maybe i should pause that retreive with plugs and try to simulate trotting a float as i do when mullet fishing when using soft plastics?

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