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The White Stuff

BASS is very fortunate in that many of the leading lights in bass fishing have, over the years, shared their knowledge and secrets with us by doing talks, slide shows and presentations at our AGM which is held in March every year.

In past years we have been treated to enthralling talks from Clive Gammon, Mike Oliver, John Darling, Chris Yates, Mike Ladle, Malcolm Brindle, Henry Gilbey and many more.

At our 40th anniversary AGM in 2013 we were fortunate to have two presenters for the price of one, so to speak.

Keith and Kevin White, aka The White Brothers, came over to show and tell how they tackle their bass fishing around Jersey’s beautiful but unforgiving coastline.

Their presentation was filmed and has been split into bite-sized chunks of 11 episodes which will be uploaded to the BASS blog over the coming weeks.

The information and ideas comes thick and fast so get ready with the pause and rewind button.

Some of the White Stuff is so off-the-scale in terms of originality and blindingly-obvious common sense that you’ll be thinking time and time again – Why didn’t I think of that?

Sometimes controversial; often enthralling and always entertaining BASS is pleased to host Keith and Kevin’s presentation and thanks them for sharing their concepts and experiences with us.

The White Stuff

Episode 1. Introduction

Keith White introduces the basics and gives a stark warning

  • Don’t try this at home
  • It started out quite complicated
  • A lure is a Lure and a bass is a bass
  • These methods will absolutely fail – if you don’t have confidence that they will work
  • We’ve ended up making a stick
  • The more we fish the luckier we get
  • We can’t go into it too deeply or we’d all fall asleep
  • Fishing for bream with lures helps us to catch more bass
  • All fish in the sea eat lures

Author: Steve Pitts