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“Thump” … it’s the moment we wait for. It can come at the least expected moment. Turn away, or switch-off for a split second, and it’s almost guaranteed to happen. For the bait angler holding a rod stood in the surf, it’s a lightening-strike, sometimes fierce. For the lure angler it can occur in so many different ways.

The slightest knock can signal interest … is it … isn’t it … i think so …. YES, i’m in !!! Or it can be a rod-wrenching unmistakeable barn-storming smash of a hit !

Bass can often hit a dropping lure, the signal here can sometimes be subtle, but the experienced angler comes to know the signs, and will lift into the weight at the appropriate moment. For the surface-junky the hit can be spectacular, with no room for doubt. But even then, it comes in different ways. A smash on a glassy surface, an eruption of silver scales & heart-pounding adrenaline ! Or a slurping gulp in the half-light, as the big girl slowly sucks that lure down …. almost surreal if witnessed.

A bass angler holds a lure-caught 'double'

Last-moment lunges are also common. Again, the experienced bass-angler will know not to lift the lure from the water without a sneaky peek just behind. The sight of that ‘bait’ about to leap to freedom can be the last crumb of motivation needed for the following bass to attack it’s quarry.

Let us not forget the angler on the storm beach in the dead of night, a warmth to the still air, waves rolling in and pressing the angler back, rod in a rest, a small tip-light being all that matters. Waiting patiently for the characteristic nod of the light, accompanied by the machine-gun screech of the ratchet !

We each have our favourite method, but we’ll all remember the ‘great’ hits from seasons gone by.

What memories will this season yield !!!