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Tried & Tested: Overboard Rucksack

Mobile and roving lure bass anglers are in a constant search for quality equipment that will last, stand up to the rigours of the coast and offer great value for money. When your equipment is in constant contact with salt air and water these can be difficult criteria to satisfy.

Lure anglers can spend an inordinate amount of time dissecting and discussing the merits of waders, boots and jackets. We all have stories of our favourites and generally it evens out that one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

Overboard rucksacks on the rocks

These perceptions can largely depend on your budget and how brave you are prepared to be, taking expensive gear to the shore and putting it through its paces, especially on the rocks.

However one product that appears universally popular with the lure anglers that use them, is the Overboard rucksack.

The first thing that strikes you is the build quality. These bags are tough! Not only that, they are very comfortable and fully adjustable to suit your individual requirements.

With a simple but very effective closure system these bags give total peace of mind that anything that needs to stay dry will do just that! 30L appears to be the most popular as it gives total flexibility for the longer sessions that competitions and festivals demand. Quite conveniently, these bags also fit within the hand-luggage dimensions required for many airlines, something which is a big benefit for those away-trips.

The very fact that these bags can consume not just all your fishing gear but potentially a sweater, jacket, lunch, drinks and everything else you need for round-the-clock plugging makes it easy to see why the take-up of this product has been so popular in mobile angling circles. Of course, it also tends to result in the common problem of taking too much ‘just in-case’ gear, but it’s pretty hard to avoid that no-matter what bag you use.

Anglers using overboard rucksacks

These bags also float! This gives an enormous amount of confidence when you have put it down, potentially containing hundreds of pounds worth of lures and equipment (& perhaps your car key & phone) and ventured out to fish a flooding tide!

I am now in season three of sustained use and abuse, and the bag shows no signs of tiredness or the inability to cope with the demands placed upon it.

 Author: Rod Lugg