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An initial sentence in bold. An opportunity to state the purpose of the post and a chance to give some preliminary information to the reader. One paragraph is plenty.

A h2 subheading

Sub-headings are the perfect way to sub-divide content into smaller blocks. Readers will visually scan a page looking for what interests them. Sub-headings are the perfect way to turn large blocks of text into smaller scannable chunks of copy each representing an idea or concept as part of the whole.

The unordered list

  • A list is a great tool for simple presentation
  • A list of items
  • A list of items

The ordered list

Lists can be unordered lists as above, each point represented by a bullet. Lists can also be ordered lists as below, the numbering is automatically generated. Perfect for ordered thoughts, processes and step by step instructions.

  1. An ordered list of items
  2. An ordered list of items
  3. An ordered list of items

The pull quote

Another great tool to break up the monotony of large chunks of copy is the pull quote. Again, one for those readers who like to scan the article before reading or who may just want to pull out a pertinent piece of data. A great way to repeat something from the post that really helps define the whole story.

“A pull quote highlighting a point from a paragraph.”
By Joe Bloggs

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