The Angling Trust and the Bass Anglers Sportfishing Society (BASS) are gathering evidence on the economic impacts on charter boats, the tackle trade and the local economy of the unfair landing restrictions that were imposed on recreational bass anglers last December. We will be undertaking a variety of surveys to assess this but we also need to hear from bass anglers themselves.

Please find five minutes to complete the survey below, which is being conducted at Southampton University. All the information will be used to put forward a case to ministers to seek to influence the outcome of the Council of European Fisheries meeting in December 2016 to ensure that this time we get a better deal for bass and for bass anglers.

Thanks for your assistance.

University of Southampton – Seabass 2016 Survey

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  1. Hi my names Barry
    And I’m a bass angler I’m a out and out c&r man
    My concern is my area the river blackwater in Essex in 2014. I caught 227 bass between 20 and 65 cms
    Last year a caught one
    This year so far I head 7
    Something is going wrong I’ve heard netter shave now found the spawning grounds off the Essex Suffolk Coast
    There using bigger size nets and saying there targeting cod when most cod have moved off shore and taking the larger bass now
    I have yet to catch a bass over5 lb so far what’s a big worry
    Talking to old locals who know the river this was not the case as many big bass used to be caught from the river
    If netting keeps up the way it is I don’t think there’s a future for bass fishing in the river
    People talk about us anglers buying a sea licence give me a no netting within three miles from the shore I’d pay my way but not till then

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