Bass Anglers’ Sportfishing Society

Fighting for Bass and Bass Anglers’ since 1973

What Is BASS?

BASS is both

  • a fishing club; and
  • an organisation where members campaign for:
    • an abundant, healthy bass stock;
    • priority for recreational angling; and
    • a sustainable bass fishery.

BASS is a club

  • whose members fish for bass, but also for a wide variety of other fish;
  • for anglers who take fish for the table and for anglers who practise catch & release;
  • that respects all methods of angling;
  • that is a friendly home for all anglers who fish sustainably;
  • where members make new friends, meet-up and fish together;
  • where members help each other to improve their angling;
  • where members entertain and educate each other through the quarterly Magazine, Forum, Newsletter and Blog;
  • that provides high quality resources for learning about bass and angling;
  • that supports scientific research into bass.

Want to get involved?