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What’s your Angling worth . . . ?

BASS believes that it is in all Sea Anglers interests to fill in the Sea Angling 2012 survey (but time is running short). It gives us a great chance to prove the importance of angling, the economic value in bass angling and the high proportion of bass that are released and not kept. The only way to ensure that the full value of Recreational Sea Angling is highlighted is by as many RSA’s as possible providing the information on their spending. Those who analyse the data will have to recognise that RSA has a substantial financial ‘spend’, but one that needs a ‘fishy’ resource. No fish, no fishing, no fishers – no income! You’ve vegetated enough watching repeats over the Christmas period  – STOP – and go and fill in the survey; exercise your brain cells. Make it your good deed for the day. 🙂

The text below is taken from the Survey Website

“Are you interested in the state of our fish stocks and how sea angling is represented in marine policy?

Sea Angling 2012 – a scientific study of sea angling activities in England – needs your help.

You can help us understand the state of our fish stocks by telling us how good or poor your catches are, and what size of fish you catch or release. We are also interested in how much you spend on sea angling and other benefits you gain, as this will demonstrate the importance of sea angling to the UK economy.

We would like you to provide information about your fishing trips.You can easily do this by completing questionnaires on our website Sea Angling 2012 or in person if approached by surveyors working along the English coast. This will also give you the chance to win fishing tackle in our prize draws.

Your input will ensure the needs of sea anglers are represented as effectively as possible in future marine policy developments.

Please help us to promote a positive future for sea angling.

The data collected will enable national and local policy makers to make informed decisions on fisheries management, and provide the sea angling community with information to help them develop their own views and policies. This will benefit anglers and businesses while helping to conserve and improve fish stocks by ensuring management decisions are based on the best possible scientific data.

Recreational sea angling is known to have substantial input to local economies and supports many businesses from bed and breakfasts to manufacturers and suppliers of fishing tackle and boats.

Despite being one of the country’s most popular sports, there is very little information on catches, fish released, or estimates of the number of angling trips that take place. In contrast, there is a wealth of information on commercial fishing activities and catches. This imbalance in knowledge of overall fishing activities and catches makes it difficult for the UK government to make balanced decisions that take into account the needs of each sector, and also for sea anglers and their representatives to have an input to inshore fisheries management.”

Take the Survey: Sea Angling 2012 Economic and Social Impact