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The White Stuff – Part 4

The White Brothers presentation is causing unrest in the fishing community. People are complaining they want more. In an attempt to get the pitchforks and torch yielding mob to retreat from BASS HQ, somewhat earlier than planned, here is episode 4.

Episode 4 – Bass behaviour

Keith and Kevin discuss the intricacies of bass behaviour and ask “do we credit them with enough intelligence”

Quotes include:

  • Remember – fish do not have hands.”
  • If we wanted to catch big bass all the time we would not go lure fishing.
  • It was probably 20 pounds – maybe bigger -and it’s got the remains of a two pound mullet hanging out of its mouth.
  • It’s literally like looking into a giant sardine tin
  • Sometimes these things amaze us.
  • How do bass know that food is there -but not over there?
  • How do they know that all of the food will have come out of that gully?
  • How do they sense air pressure and know they can escape back to the open sea?