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Winter preparations

For most, the bass season is well and truly over, and we’re in the midst of the long painful wait for the new season to begin. Water temperatures will be around their lowest point now, and the good news is that the evenings are drawing out, and it’ll only start to get better. For some, the first sight of silver is perhaps just 5 or 6 weeks away, for others it’ll be a tad longer. So how to pass the time ?

Well for a starters, there’s the chance to try and keep pace with the high levels of activity on the political front. BASS is doing it’s best to keep all bass anglers informed of the debates and decisions being made, and how to interact with that process. The situation is filled with both promise, and risks, and we all have a part to play in ensuring that the best decisions are made.

Then there’s the opportunity to walk the coast, scour Google Earth, and try to identify fresh ground to fish next season. Look for current, ambush points, places where food will be concentrated. Time invested now can really pay dividends when it all kicks off.

A beautiful bay

Most of us will also take the opportunity to clean and maintain our gear now. There’s time to service reels (either yourself, or sending them away for some TLC). Rods will benefit from a good wash, paying particular attention to the eyes. Hooks and split-rings should be replaced where there’s signs of rust. Spools of leader materials might need replacing if they are looking discoloured. Fresh spools of line might be required, with particular care taken to get a nice tight wrap … you don’t want to start the fresh season with a wind-knot !

Rods & Reels ready for cleaning and maintenance

Wader boot studs should be checked, and now’s the time to try and locate that annoying leak in your waders. Jackets can be washed and re-proofed, and get that smelly salt-stained hat in the washing machine.

It’s pretty easy to get carried-away with online purchases, but the sensible anglers will take a quick stock of their gear first, and consider if they ‘really’ need those new shiny items. For those with a need for the latest shiny gear, the annual fishing show in Nantes took place last weekend, and the tales of new lure colours, new rods, and new reels are filtering through. It sounds like there’s some really interesting new gear on the way. The new tackle is starting to appear in the shops, and with a good few weeks to wait, the temptation will be painful.

Of course there are always other angling opportunities. Many will take to harbour walls, rock structures, or estuaries with their Light Game gear, and try to tempt the species which are around. Flounder, Pollock and the mini-species will all provide sport. Other will pay their license and head for the freshwater. Predator fishing can be a great option for bass anglers, and winter Pike, Perch and Chub will all be targets with lures.

A bass angler facing the sea

It’s also a great time to join the BASS Society (if you haven’t already). The process is simple, you’ll find it on our webpage, and in just 5 mins time you could be a part of the Society. The BASS AGM is just a few weeks away, and is a great opportunity to meet fellow enthusiasts, and have some input into the activity of this group. It’ll cost you less than a top-end lure, or a bag of smelly bait, so why not give it a whirl !

Is it Spring yet ?