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We aren’t shouting loudly enough.

The Angling Trades Association has welcomed the recent, successful House of Commons Debate on Bass, secured by Scott Mann (Conservative MP for North Cornwall and a sea angler). The motion stated: ‘that this House believes that the recent EU restrictions on recreational sea bass fishing are unfair and fail to address the real threat to […]

Isle of Man bass proposals accepted.

A big thank you to those of you that took the time, to write in regarding the Isle of Man bass consultation document. The proposals have been accepted & should be law later this year (summer time) here on the Isle of Man. For clarity the legislation is going to be : Restriction on any […]

Motion on unfair bass restictions for anglers is backed by MPs

The debate on the effect of EU measures on our bass angling took place in Parliament yesterday (11th Feb). The motion was passed without opposition. Although such back bench debates in themselves cannot bring direct change, the fact such a debate occurs reflects the ever growing demand for effective and fair means to restore our […]

Unfairness of Bass measures to sea anglers

BBC Look East Thursday night – Unfairness of Bass measures to recreational sea anglers Kent & Essex Sea Anglers [Letter sent out to local anglers:] Hi team   I’ve been trying to keep you up to date with some things I, and a small group of like minded anglers have been up to. Trying to get […]

Making your lures more bass friendly

  Switching to singles – making your lures more bass friendly. In light of the new regulations, recreational anglers now face a six month catch and release period for the first half of 2016. Whether you agree with this or not, it seems a logical time to take a look at fish welfare and what […]