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A Demonstration Against Unfair And Insufficient Bass Regulations

New bass regulations fail to properly protect the bass stocks, prevent anglers from keeping any bass they catch for 6 months a year, yet allow commercial gill netters to continue to catch bass AND with an increased monthly limit. If you want to express your anger and demand a fair deal for bass and anglers, […]

The Bass Mag

Bass Society Journal. 2015/6 The latest issue of the Bass society journal is now out. It contains news, views and information about the society and its membership. Features include upcoming society fish-ins, nationwide catch reports and round-ups ,Bass conservation science and many other features from both home and abroad. Do you have an article in […]

Eating an Elephant Faster – A Bass Campaigning Update.

A year ago I interviewed Nigel Horsman and David Curtis at the BASS AGM and asked what we needed to do help get better protection for our bass. Nigel likened our huge task to eating an elephant but reminded us it was achievable if we approached it one bite at a time. A year on […]

Demonstration of sea angler’s discontent

Peaceful demo in opposition to the ending of a public right to catch and keep a bass whilst commercial gill netters are allowed to continue catching and selling bass and have actually had their monthly limit increased. Objective: To attract media coverage of Cornish sea angler’s total opposition to being prevented from keeping a bass […]