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Recreational fisheries bass measures

  H&L at work. 28.1.2017   Official Journal of the European Union COUNCIL REGULATION (EU) 2017/127 of 20 January 2017 Measures on Sea bass fisheries Catches of recreational fishermen from the Northern stock and, for precautionary reasons, from the stock in the Bay of Biscay should be restricted by a daily limit.   From 1 January […]

Big bass- a measure of success.

Pursuing big bass has long been the ambition of many bass anglers. Angling for bass is as popular as ever and still the double figure fish is the dream of many.   The value of bass angling and benefits it produces is as relevant today if not more so. Ireland reacted to its own bass […]

Stalking the margins

Quite often lure anglers are looking for longer rods and more aerodynamic lures to cast further and cover more water in the hope that it will increase the odds of encountering a bass – sounds logical! In fact, sometimes it is a must in order to reach features or structure which lurk at the outer […]

Giving the Future a Hand

We are only just venturing into 2017 and already we can see signs of anglers actively getting involved and using various options to get a message out. We live in a time of instant communication and with a variety of internet options at our fingertips it is possible to engage with a wide audience or […]