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Would you like to see some of your work in print? at BASS we have several options that are available for contributions of words and images. We are always interested in the News or views of others and the wide range of angling that’s experienced each season.

Why not consider sharing something more with us. It could be an angling trip, or search for a specimen fish, perhaps a red-letter day or your biggest angling disaster. It can be serious facts or light-hearted banter to help inform and entertain our wide readership alternatively it could be a news item.


Ideally content would be a combination of words and images to enhance our readers experience, although we are just as interested to receive just text or good images. We can often still use them to compliment other work as Angling is far more than a chuck it and chance affair, followed up with the ubiquitous grip n grin photo. The spirit of angling can be captured in so many ways, even describing the experience of drawing a blank in good company, or images to help illustrate our range of angling environments from surf beaches with a mountainous back drop to city scape quay sides or the equipment used, can all illustrate what angling means to us…


Guidelines do vary per what option items are best suited for, and due consideration of publication deadlines.


The Bass Magazine——–Our society Magazine is as old as the society and its distributed to the full membership, plus complimentary issues are also given out at several events. Items from just an image with some description to a full page  500-or more word article.

For more about the Bass magazine click here


Bass SeaAngler page———— Contributions with a view to being suitable for Sea Angler articles. The bass society has featured in the magazine in various ways since our earliest days and has a long association with them. Items must be your own work and approximately 500 words images can be supplied by us or yourself.                              

For more about Bass in Sea Angler Articles click here.


Bass blog —–Because this is on the internet it is possibly the most adaptable as just a paragraph with images can be a good starting point but it needs to be your own work and remember this option has a more flexible timetable than the hard copy issues above.

Bass blog articles click here


You don’t have to be a member of the bass society to get involved, nevertheless to have similar values would be beneficial. All that’s required is to either submit your proposed article with your preferred option for publication, or if you want advice about a proposed article you can contact us regarding your article.

The thing to remember is that we all have a story in us so have a go at sharing something, we don’t mind if it lacks punctuation or spelling mistakes, as we proofread and edit and do our best to iron out any mistakes, even ones of our own.


So please put pen to paper or use your keyboards.

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