BOFFFFs and the Bass FMP

The Bass Fishery Management Plan (BFMP) is very topical with stakeholder opinions being sought, so let’s take a look at one of the spawning stock misconceptions to look out for and what a suitable suggestion might be. Size is everything It’s noticeable that spawning-stock biomass is almost always regarded as being reproductively the same no […]

BASS Photography Competition – Oct and Nov 2020

BASS Photography Competition – Oct and Nov 2020 We’re back again for another round of the photo comp with more great prizes generously donated by ‘Lure Fishing For Bass’. And, don’t forget there is also an overall winner at the end of the year! This month’s first prize is a Shimano Vanford reel   This […]

The Time For Talking Is Over

Over the last few weeks a lot has been said and written about the bass situation. The time for talking is over and the day is almost upon us for a dignified and peaceful demonstration in Camborne. Saturday April 9th, history in the making as Anglers take part in an arranged demonstration to indicate the […]

Thanks To The AGM 2015 Raffle Contributors

The Bass Anglers’ Sportfishing Society AGM 2015 Raffle Contributors The society would like to say Thank you to all of the company’s and individual members who contributed to another great raffle prize table. VEALS, BASSLURES, ALDERNEY ANGLING, AGMPRODUCTS, MONSTERTACKLE, NICE- FISH, SPRO UK, TRONIX (UK) Ltd, SUNSLICKER, […]

Water Temperature and Catching Bass

Water temperatures are always useful for my bass fishing – especially at the beginning and end of the year. There exists an (admittedly imperfect) relationship between water temperatures and whether bass feed. By using water temperature you can help decide whether its likely to be worth starting to fish for them early in the year, […]