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Water Temperature and Catching Bass

Water temperatures are always useful for my bass fishing – especially at the beginning and end of the year. There exists an (admittedly imperfect) relationship between water temperatures and whether bass feed. By using water temperature you can help decide whether its likely to be worth starting to fish for them early in the year, […]

Irish Bass Festival 2013

Following on from the success of last years Irish Bass Festival, this years event will be held from 5th to 7th July 2013. The festival is a lure only, catch and release event. It is based in Tramore, in Southern Ireland, but you may fish wherever you wish provide you are back by the allocated […]

Illegal bass and net seizures off the Waterford and Wexford coast

Inland Fisheries Ireland has in the last week seized illegally caught Bass off the Wexford coast and illegal fishing nets off the Waterford coast. While the specifics of these cases are not being released for legal and operational reasons it is often the flexibility and dedication of IFI staff that lead to these successes. These […]

BASS meets Defra

Following a meeting between BASS and Defra in June 2011 information provided during and after that meeting by Defra/Cefas, including BASS’s response, is now available. Read the full post in our Conservation section

BASS response to Cefas data

BASS met with Defra in June 2011. Data produced by Cefas on bass catches/landings in England and Wales and provided by Defra during and after that meeting is now available. Download the original document: Cefas bass discards data v2 (Age compositions and discarding of bass in the uk commercial fisheries) Download the BASS response: BASS response to […]