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Autumnal swells.

Often a time of bigger seas, much of our Atlantic coastline experiences an increased frequency with occasional spells of immense walls of water. The foaming peaks shifting about until they fold over and break creating plumes of sea spray, combined with the noise of roaring surf, it’s a captivating experience and for some it’s a constant draw to fish the surf beaches. Almost like a pilgrimage be it on the well renowned venues or lesser known ones. The spent wave runners forcefully swamp much of the foreshore as the power explodes and seeks its release, pushing past at speed before returning seawards with equal ferocity.

Image © Bill Fagg

With the sea temperatures still holding up in the autumnal seas anticipation builds, when the coastal horizon is stacked with an advancing ground swell observing the rolling shapes of ocean, they can look much like corrugated lines constantly advancing landward, while gaining height as they approach, at times these waves hold up and build in size until the inevitable faces collapse, the white water exploding and sea level shifting under the surge and the process repeats itself throughout the tide.

Image © Les G

Angling before or after the actual storm is obviously the most popular time, although some locations will just pick up the swell without the full effects of the storm, so providing anglers with conditions to cast a line without the worst of the weather. Whatever the location safety has to be considered and with that in mind its worth reading a previous blog or a recent members forum post on the topic of coast line angling safety measures.

Image © Phil Holt


At the present moment, a relentless storm rattles on outside and at times its almost raging with its brutal seasonal power, the trees being forced to yield while the leaves are stripped away, becoming airborne along with other passing debris. If it was yesteryear I would be digging out dusty, old long forgotten angling magazines or past BASS journals and flicking through the pages until being hooked by some article of interest.

Image © Les G


But the beauty of this internet world nowadays is we can browse tackle catalogues, take a dip into seasonal clothing items of hoodies and hats for keeping warm, checkout the numerous online angling networks and engage with others deeply as is comfortable. Catching up on the BASS members forum and not forgetting these online e-zines, makes life much easier and with the full library of back issues of the BASS journal being available for society members. Starting off with no1 it’s been a day leisurely spent with BASS while the current low-pressure system sits over us, who knows once its moved away it may be worth getting the rods out.


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Image © Steve Pitts

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