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Bass Long Term Management Plan

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A key meeting on bass took place last night (2 February) between: the All Party Parliamentary Angling Group (Simon Hart, Charles Walker and Scott Mann); Angling Trust Chief Executive Mark Lloyd and Campaigns Chief Martin Salter; and the Environment Secretary Liz Truss and Fisheries Minister George Eustice.

The Ministers agreed a proposal from the Angling Trust and B.A.S.S.   /Saveourseabass to work with DEFRA on developing a Long Term Management Plan for bass.


Will new reguations bring more catches like these?

This is an important step forward in the campaign to restore the bass stock and ensure that the bass fishery is run in a way that maximises the benefits for society as a whole.

Our vision is of a bass fishery where only the most sustainable forms of bass fishing are allowed and priority is given to recreational angling. Recreational angling is the most sustainable form of bass fishing and delivers the greatest economic benefits for society by a country mile.

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