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2 Jul 2015
EU announces an increase to a 42cm minimum size for bass!
"(02/07/2015) The EU has today taken another step to protect sea bass stocks in Europe. The 28 EU member states agreed to the Commission's proposal to increase the minimum size for northern sea bass f  [...]

1 Jul 2015
Urgent request to send emails
With a vote about to take place tomorrow a few more emails to the Ministers on the Agriculture and Fisheries Committee wouldn't go amiss. Please send a quick one liner asking the Minister to support s  [...]

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30 Jun 2015
Latest ICES advice: 85% reduction in bass landings is now needed in 2016!
The long awaited advice for bass was issued today by ICES (the EU’s own scientist advising on fish stocks). They included recommendations for our area of the central and south North Sea, the Irish  [...]

28 Jun 2015
Update: New bass landing restrictions, plus campaigning for our bass makes a difference.
Further regulations to limit total amount of bass per month that each commercial vessel can land were recently announced by the EU (see here). It also seems, that with your help, the commercial fishin  [...]

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