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21 Oct 2014
Petition for action to reducing bass landings
  A succession of poor spawning years and increased fishing pressure has led to a steep decline in the bass spawning stock. The seriousness of the situation has at last been recognised by E  [...]

14 Sep 2014
Anglers, here is where your taxes go . . . .
I wonder how many RSA (Recreational Sea Anglers) are aware that across Europe, the fisheries sector systematically milks EU tax payers to the tune of an astonishing 1 + billion euros annually. Those o  [...]

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29 Oct 2014
The Hodges Bothers Part 4: You Don’t Just Catch Small Bass on Soft Plastics
  In the 4th part of their presentation Kim and Clive explain how a meticulous attention to detail and a healthy dose of sibling rivalry are just two of the secrets of their success and then o  [...]

27 Oct 2014
Its easy to campaign for reduced bass landings.
  At the weekend I found myself next to the water, without fishing tackle but in possession of my audio recorder. I might not have been able to fish for bass but at least I could pass on what  [...]

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