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8 Oct 2015
The power of your emails
  A Response from Maritime Affairs and Fisheries DG We would like to thank you and your fellow recreational anglers for the many e-mails the Commission has received over the past weeks rega  [...]

21 Sep 2015
SOS Bass initiative
Fisheries Directors are meeting in Brussels at end of the month to discuss measures for 2016. With this in mind SOS Bass are pushing for Rod & Line and Hand Lines only. If you have previously sent  [...]

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21 Aug 2015
The campaign for our bass: much achieved but far more needed
In the past 12 months we have achieved more meaningful protection measures for our bass than in all the previous 15 years combined. It's a great start, yet the measures introduced to date are nowhere  [...]

10 Aug 2015
A remarkable sight ….
Continuing the theme of the good-fortune enjoyed by the members of the BASS Blogging team, this time it's Matt on the receiving end ... In January Matt made an audio blog of Julian catching a fair fe  [...]

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