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2 Sep 2014
Sea anglers demand more bass protection . . .
Sea anglers in Cornwall are calling for urgent action to preserve fish stocks (Radio Cornwall also carried the story but but inevitably, many key points were edited out through lack of time. The fir  [...]

2 Sep 2014
Government – Failure to Take Action On Bass Stocks
The Angling Trust has written to UK Fisheries Minister George Eustice calling on him to introduce a series of conservation measures to protect UK bass stocks in the face of the latest scientific advic  [...]

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29 Aug 2014
The weekend is nearly upon us
I'm sure i can't be alone. It's Friday, so that means scouring the weather sites, swell forecasts, tidal predictions. Then mooching through my mental map of marks, correlating times, tidal coefficient  [...]

26 Aug 2014
Dogfights & Doldrums
As I strolled onto the coast last night the scene resembled a dogfight from an old film. Terns crashing into the water in every direction, Gannets dive-bombing in the distance, the water spontaneously  [...]

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