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2 Apr 2014
Crime does pay . . . !
With the parlous state of many of our fish stocks being well recorded and constantly discussed (though not a great deal of concrete action is taken). It beggars belief that the courts do not seem to  [...]

19 Mar 2014
EAA – Conservation of sea-bass – debate in European Parliament
Only three MEPs contributed to the bass debate, on the 13th March, two French MEPs and one from the Netherlands. (Other MEPs at this session only took part in the mackerel debate). Read more here:  [...]

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14 Apr 2014
Staying Dry!
It's my experience that spending money in the hope it will bring more bass can sometimes actually work. Yet it’s not investments in better rods, reels and lures that have noticeably increased my ret  [...]

7 Apr 2014
Getting wet !
Bass anglers fall into that strange breed of people that often revel in getting wet. Indeed one of our blogging team insists that if he isn't getting wet, he's not going to catch 'the big one'. Theref  [...]

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