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22 Jul 2015
SOS Bass
Campaign to reduce sea bass landings by 90% The destruction of the Sea Bass population is an “unfolding environmental disaster”. With your crucial support, the EU Commission has been able to  [...]

10 Jul 2015
The Bass fishery.
Sea bass sinking into deep trouble as European states fail to agree on adequate rescue package . [ Iconic fish faces uncertain future says MCS and drastic measures are required to protect the sto  [...]

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23 Jul 2015
“Whatever the problem fishing is the solution.”
It was the eve of my 50th birthday. The morning had taken me far from home and I was now travelling to a regular fishing haunt via an unfamiliar route. Racing to my destination the southern English l  [...]

12 Jul 2015
A Year in the Making
  “Cukoo, cukoo” bleeps my phone, alerting me to a text. It's from Matt, “Wanna go fishing tomorrow?” I check the diary and text back, “It’s a goer!” “Fekinel!!!” is  [...]

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