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14 Sep 2014
Anglers, here is where your taxes go . . . .
I wonder how many RSA (Recreational Sea Anglers) are aware that across Europe, the fisheries sector systematically milks EU tax payers to the tune of an astonishing 1 + billion euros annually. Those o  [...]

11 Sep 2014
Bass on Southern IFCA Agenda . . . .
Next week the full committee of the Southern IFCA meet and will be discussing bass management, reports BASS member Nigel Horsman. Details of time and location of the meeting and the background papers  [...]

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17 Sep 2014
We Can Do This!
Members of BASS have campaigned tirelessly for years for the restoration of bass stocks. Now we’re calling on anybody with an interest in bass fishing (either directly or indirectly) to join the f  [...]

8 Sep 2014
The rules of lure fishing …
There are no laws to be applied to the culture of lure fishing – it’s all trial and error and the individual’s best guess on the day as to how to persuade the elusive bass onto the hook! There a  [...]

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