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14 Feb 2015
Campaign Progress Report: BASS meetings with DEFRA and the EU
Meetings and discussions both at an EU and UK level continue to take place to agree better ways to protect our bass. Yesterday at a meeting in Brussels with DG Mare (the Commission department respons  [...]

3 Feb 2015
EU Soon To Discuss Further Bass Measures: Our Bass Need Your Urgent Help!
The European Union working party on Internal and External Fisheries Policy meets this Thursday (5th February). This is to discuss further measures to bring about the 80% cut in landings ICES stated w  [...]

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24 Feb 2015
Finding bass
The vast majority of fishing chatter tends to be about tackle. Anglers entering the sport often seek reassurance that they have the 'right' gear to enable them to catch bass. The huge choice of rods,  [...]

19 Feb 2015
New Feed Shallow
Here on the BASS Blog, we tend to stay away from doing too many gear reviews. They get well covered elsewhere, and people get pretty animated about it all. However, the new Feed Shallow has to get a m  [...]

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