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16 Jul 2014
Bass in trouble – scientists demand 80% cut in landings
There's an article circulating in various forms (The Independant; Fish2Fork), or rather, the wording differs slightly. What's caught our eye is this paragraph: The problem is exacerbated by recrea  [...]

8 Jul 2014
ICES Advice on bass (June 2014)
Excerpts below taken from the ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea) publication dated June 2014: ECOREGION STOCK - Celtic Sea and West of Scotland + North Sea European sea bas  [...]

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20 Jul 2014
I wonder why?
It was a warm day and I was fishing a mark I’d never fished before, an estuary and a big one. I was looking forward to it but in reality I knew I was too late, work had kept me occupied and then I  [...]

7 Jul 2014
Assume they are there
Bass fishing can fill the mind with doubt some days. Are the fish even there ? It’s a migratory species, highly mobile, shoaling, a creature of habit, but not entirely predictable. The seasons, th  [...]

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