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Some say keep anything long enough and it will come back into fashion, perhaps even bass angling with bait. So, with July kicking off the next leg of the season and bass on baits, plus bass-bullets fished  surfstyle, not to mention some returning to using lures after dark and the latest advancements in the society and it is all change.

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Our catch reports indicate a reasonable number of members have been out targeting bass, resulting in some sessions of decent angling and great images, not all on plastics, even bait still works for them that recall how to use it. The in-house online bass competition’s gathering pace with regular updates and teams starting to gain an edge. Whilst additional members have been out seeking other fish and again some inspiring write-ups and images posted in the new sections, and as always, we have reports from members that have been away on trips further afield.

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Remember we do like to hear from you and one of the easiest ways is via the forum or use the contact us page. Let’s see your angling images, catch reports or angling adventures click Here alternatively contact me direct via the forum with any potential News and Blog items .

A rise in temperature of late, and that’s not only for the weather, but also with the progress in BASS, with the committee having completed another meeting and further proposals and implementation of upgrading and progressing the society.

Both the society website and members only forum being part of the areas featured in more recommendations that will now see further member benefits and opportunities for any members to get more involved.

Already posted on the BASS forum are further instructions for the membership to gain access to the expanding facilities that are coming on-stream via the website. A variety of roles will soon be available for members and should be advertised on the members only forum, and in the next edition of the society journal, plus a change over with our membership secretary.

The SOSB team have been busy in various areas including more number crunching and the reporting of fish sales that’s still being handled, while others have followed the French trawler reports operating in the Solent and the shifting political positions of Brexit, and the new head of ministry for environment. An associated item is the following by the Angling Trust-  new Fisheries Bill

As we are now nearing July many anglers should remind themselves of the Bass angling regulations/Statutory guidance  click here.

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Hopefully most readers will have read the full following article already that the quotes are from, but for anyone that hasn’t

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“It is not WHO is carrying out the fishing but HOW MUCH fish is being removed.”

“All that is required for evil to prosper is for good men to remain silent. Well, RSA sat silently by when the CFP was being drafted and the CFP ended up prioritising earning opportunities for commercial fishers rather than prioritising the wellbeing of fishery resources.”

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