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Another month has seen further new members joining the society and the membership forum, plus we are seeing more lapsed members returning to the society after a well-earned time out, it all helps ensure a broad church within our society that’s value for money at any level of involvement. We have many teams and vacancies that all members are welcome to get involved with. To do nothing is an individual choice, fortunately within BASS we have a long history of individuals stepping forward to help or take on tasks, and others launching fresh projects. Be it the bass campaign or society matters, having your voice heard and actually doing something is what has helped our longevity and accomplishments.

We are in the process of planning out what angling shows or fairs the society intends to be represented at in 2018, this includes the need for volunteers to help man the BASS stand and help develop products and further promotional items, you can get involved here or contact us.

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Since the earliest times BASS has been involved in the science aspect with Donovan Kelley being one of our most notable trail blazers. Overtime the society has introduced further projects and now we have a new team preparing to take up the reins for our society with further details to be made available in time.

Once more as part of improvements, the society is reintroducing a modern version of the membership only contact “Willing to Correspond” list, providing individual contact between members as a means to assisting in meeting up, or seeking local angling advice or discovery of a few helpful hints when visiting others locality. You can take part or see more details here

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The committee held another long meeting of late covering a variety of matters, from the society to the bass fishery issues, along with further progress on the BASS Improvement Group recommendations. BASS members can find the minutes to this meeting on our members only forum here, and can also find the most recent status report of BIG documents here.

Our society and particularly the conservation/restoration campaigning always requires funds and it’s been a great help having UKBLF creating awareness and selflessly fundraising to help out. At the moment they have a magnificent Xmas raffle underway and hopefully soon further promotions and fundraising for the SOSB/BASS campaign


The society SOSB campaign team has been building on its networks and creating stronger links with G-Bass, they are now becoming more involved as part of the BASS conservation campaigning. Most recently our team reps along with others were once more involved in serious debate and ongoing concerns for the fishery. Keep an eye on the members only forum for more developments on the campaigning or via our various networks.

We like to hear from you so please consider sharing some of your News and views with us including images or text, be it catch reports or angling adventures. click Here to contact me direct or via the forum with any potential items.


Also following recent developments regarding the bass fishery, readers may be interested in the following petition by an individual angler. –

Petition Lighten up on the Bass angler



An important date for your diary is the 18th March for the BASS 2018 AGM — held at our usual venue in Gloucester

Find more AGM details on the forum by clicking here.

Image © Bill Fagg