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Dutch announce six technical measures to protect bass . . .

From the Labrax Squad website: With sea bass stocks declining, ICES has advised concerned EU-member states to reduce catches. The Dutch government recently announced six technical measures to protect the bass. One of them being an increase in the minimum landing size from 36 to 42 cm for recreational anglers and professional handline fishermen. As part […]

Limiting fishing now could expand food tomorrow

An interesting article: How is it that our more effectively managing ocean resources could help us better feed the world? “The global fish catch peaked in the late 1980s and has been declining ever since,” reports Oceana. The group cites research showing that “sensible management” could increase fish yields up to 40 percent and increase the […]

EU Sea Bass Management Plan – EAA Position Paper

A sea bass management plan is under preparation by EU Member States. The plan concerns only some of the northern Atlantic EU waters (Irish Sea, Celtic Sea, English Channel, and southern North Sea). European sea bass is one of the most important and valuable species to recreational angling and its dependant businesses. Sea bass were […]

Five chances to win a bass book: one more chance to save our bass stocks.

Copies of the excellent book of articles written by BASS members about bass fishing titled Bass and B.A.S.S. should be available in the BASS shop relatively soon ( A few copies of this book have also been generously donated to The BASS Blog team. We feel using some to get yet more people signed up for […]