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The rules of lure fishing …

There are no laws to be applied to the culture of lure fishing – it’s all trial and error and the individual’s best guess on the day as to how to persuade the elusive bass onto the hook! There are, however, many laws that seem to gravitate to individuals when in hot pursuit of this […]

Assume they are there

A lure angler finds some 'bassy' conditions !

Bass fishing can fill the mind with doubt some days. Are the fish even there ? It’s a migratory species, highly mobile, shoaling, a creature of habit, but not entirely predictable. The seasons, the weather, water temperature, food source, length of day, moon phase, tide state … all these factors influence these majestic fish, and […]

Brewing out to sea …

Brewing out to Sea: a comparison of the Storm Kettle and the Jetboil. Much of my bass angling involves long intense periods of fishing while cramped into little Zodiac inflatables. During a day on the water I like to stop at least once to stretch my legs and switch off from focusing on how to […]