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IFCA Makeup biased . . . ?

One major criticism of the old Sea Fisheries Committees was the lack of balance in the membership. The angling sector particularly was asking for increased involvement of anglers. When the IFCAs were first established, both environmental and angling representation was increased to the detriment of the commercial fishing sector giving the new bodies a wider […]

Crime does pay . . . !

With the parlous state of many of our fish stocks being well recorded and constantly discussed (though not a great deal of concrete action is taken). It beggars belief that the courts do not seem to take the misrecording of fish landings as a serious offence. What sort of message is being sent by fining transgressors […]

What’s your Angling worth . . . ?

BASS believes that it is in all Sea Anglers interests to fill in the Sea Angling 2012 survey (but time is running short). It gives us a great chance to prove the importance of angling, the economic value in bass angling and the high proportion of bass that are released and not kept. The only way to ensure […]